Bose 700 headphones, front Hover for before/after
Bose 700 headphones, side


 est. 2019

Cooked is the term I use to describe my signature style: colors popped, vibrancy measured, and served ready for the eyes to feast. Inspired by the process of cooking in the kitchen, my process in post-production is not all that different.

Raw describes the straight-out-of-camera file (for Canon users like me, they are conveniently called .RAW). Take that file into a software like Photoshop and there is your kitchen. All the tools, adjustment modules, layer modes, and everything available in your workspace are your essential ingredients, baking and cooking supplies, and equipment. This is all to confirm that my edits are manual and prepared from scratch.

This language has caught on with my audience, especially for those who relate and experiment in the psychoactive and pyschedelics fields. And like all art, the purpose of sharing these edits—which are essentially just another version of the scene—is to keep an open mind and look at the world through a different lens. Cooking photos is a form of escapism art.

Most recent collection of edits can be found on Instagram and Twitter as well as more before & after Highlights, Filters, and bits of my process are on Reels and Tiktok.

If you have coloring commissions, please inquire by email.
Bose 700 headphones, front Hover for before/after

Bose 700 headphones, side
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Happiness of Excellence

This collection is to remind us that there is beauty and enjoyment in the process and progress of the hike (or any goal). Whether it be the top of the mountain or the end of the trail, the journey and experience is what makes us resilient. We learn and learn to see things differently, we endure and we continue. Pieces from this collection are available on Foundation.


A collection highlighting the veiled spell of modern day communication through telephone poles standing amongst the North American landscape.

Staying In

An interiors collection created as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown and stay-at-home policy. Inspired by using personal and open photo archives to create art at home while imagining new scenarios for our indoor spaces. These artworks are available as a postcard set and part of an NFT Collection.